Suited Up

Suit? Vintage (similar here on Etsy, actually tons of cool 1960's ones on Etsy) Hat? Thrifted (very similar here though)

We went away for a little holiday last week. We got a cottage along the beach in the south... of France, or more like, Ontario but what does it matter? There was sand and no work and it was good. 
This was honestly the most I have ever looked forward to a holiday. I needed a break. I've been feeling a little burned out and a lot grumpy and I just wanted to escape. I could handle another few weeks off but that's not exactly how it works, does it? 
It's funny, I used to want to go all over the world when we went on vacation but lately I just want to go somewhere and do very little... I'm sure the wanderlust will return but right now I'm about reading a stack of crappy literature and figuring out new drink mixes. Maybe if I had my way (spoiler alert: I don't) we would not have had the rainy and cold days in the middle of a week at the beach but those cold days got us out and about to do some vintage hunting. 
While on the hunt, I found this 1960's suit... I tried it on and it actually fit and it was a little Cinderella moment but with a bathing suit instead of a pair of shoes... And true story, after I paid for the suit, the sun peaked through the clouds and we raced back to the beach to play bocce in order to determine who had to do dishes... Ahhhh, vacation....


Ashley Carter said...

So fabulous! I absolutely love this!

Em said...

did you take a trip to ardene while on vacay?

And I absolutely love the suit!

Marie said...

Just amazing! Perfect down to the color!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

DressUpNotDown said...

I gasped aloud over your swimsuit and stunning photos!!!

Have you always had a nose ring? Or did you just have it pierced? Cute!


jennifer said...

Um, ok HOTTIE! Looking fab!

xo Jennifer


What Lou Wore 365 said...

These are beautiful pictures Jentine!

Catherine said...

Un signo .. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cracking legs!!

two birds said...

It's a gorgeous suit and looks perfect on you!

Marie a la Mode said...

You look very Hollywood Glam in this suit! Also, can I please have your toned arms??? Thanks.

Kat asecondglance said...

I think bocce requires either a grumpy old man in a hat and slacks, or a gal in a glamorous swimsuit with legs for miles. There's something to be said for local vacations. Glad you made the most of crappy weather.

The Fashion Kitty said...

what a cool bathing suit!!! :-D