All Gold Everything


Sweater? Zara (similar here)  Skirt? Alfred Sung, thrifted (similar here) Shoes? Ash (similar here
Trench? Club Monaco, thrifted Purse? Tignanello, thrifted Necklace? Banana Republic (old)

So, apparently I am on a gold kick? There is such a thing as too much and I like to skirt the line.

In addition to my outfit, something else that recently got the gold treatment was Matt's leather recliner chair. Yes... I spray painted Matt's favourite chair. I feel like that was risky business. In my defence, something had to be done. Matt took over the chair from his dad and the chair was definitely from the era when we loved forest green and dusty pink too much. This era was known as the early nineties. Matt thinks this chair is the best thing ever and will drag it out to slouch in it all night.And then, I would duly put it away whenever we have company over because it 'didn't match the decor'. Not going to lie, I felt a bit like a nitpicking wife every time I would put the chair away. So I compromised. The chair could stay, if I could paint it gold.

And here would be the part where you would expect a picture of this awesome DIY gold chair to match my sweater and skirt... But there was a problem. I did research, took my time and it looks pretty cool... but apparently the chair manufacturer (probably a knock-off like Lazee Boi?) used a lower grade leather on the side and back of the chair and the paint won't dry properly. I need to figure out a solution for this slight problem. Until then, I will be thankful that Matt is a patient sort. Just like one day Matt will be thankful that he has a gold recliner. Cause he deserves one... Green was never good enough for him and I just wanted to correct that. I have only the best intentions.

P.S. wow! wow! wow! on your support of the last post. Wow! Did I say that yet?


Girl and Closet said...

Yen, this outfit is STUNNING! I love that you went all gold and that necklace is the perfect topper too. Beautiful as always!! Best of luck with the chair too, can't wait to see it all done. xo

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I bet the sides and back are vinyl not leather. My brother used to work for a popular leather furniture manufacturer here in Canada and he said that is what they often do to keep costs down.

Love your chutzpah to wear all gold! You go girl.

Lindsay Ann said...

love that sweater - so chic! I wish I had a Zara close by :(

fashionable footprints

Megan said...

I love the colour of those shoes with the gold. It's a lovely cranberry colour - perfect for the rapidly approaching holiday season.

Lindsay Patrick said...

REALLY love this. I mean it. Also, would love to know how you do your hair like that? So chic


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

First, you look awesome as always. Second, Keep us up to date with the chair. I've painted shoes with 0 success. The chair may have to go, which will make you sad.


eelsay said...

I love this looks! Probably because I'm obsessed with gold!


newpetite said...

Absolutely love this outfit! I know i say I love everything you wear but this one is in the elite list! Also if you havent worn this already, would love to see you pair this sweater with the gold pants you have!

Heather K. said...

Welp you're a golden girl. Join the club. It's not as fancy as you think, but at least we look fancy. :)


Jennifer said...

You look like an Academy Award... in the best way possible!

xo Jennifer


The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

What a blast you must be! Great story! I truly hope you figure the chair out. Oh... one more thing... please tell me you were wearing this wonderful ensemble while you were painting the chair gold. Hee Hee

You are a true doll.


Sidewalk Ready said...

#1. loving the gold.
#2. Let's see that spectacular chair as soon as it's dry. (maybe you could try sealing it with polyurethane? is that the worst idea ever?)
#3. omg you did not make that skirt below.
#4. voted. ftw.



Kristin said...

Damn girl - you do gold well. I am obsessed with that dress - seriously!

x Kristin

Kristin said...

And by dress I mean skirt and top. Wake up, Kristin.

Leah said...

I like the gold kick, and that hair style is just perfect for the outfit. ahha I can't believe you spray painted Matt's chair gold. Hilarious.

briannelee said...

Love your statement necklace!

fashioningmylife said...

I love the shoes! and the sweater, of course!


Rebecca Jane said...

So much gold = so much goodness

Lindsey said...

you look nice in gold, i however look ill in gold And I voted:) Glad you did so well and had so much support!

Lisa Tedeschi said...

gold color looks stunning

Shayna Aasman said...

I love this!!! :)
You look gorg!