Hunting Season


Jacket? Ralph Lauren, thrifted Plaid shirt? Ali & Kris, Winners Jeans? J Brand, Lovestory, Winners (here for lots more money but they are great jeans!) Bracelets? Thrifted and from the crazy lady at The Ex Hat? Maria Paola Culugi, Style Sense Purse? Filene's Basement

I'm a big fan of my new hat. It's a hat made for the city. The faux fur pom is so ridiculously over sized that I could get mistaken for wildlife in the country and one hike during the hunting season would be the end of me. These pictures may look like they were taken in a forest (one with wooden fences, of course) but rest assured that I was safely in an inner city park.

I hope you had an nice Halloween weekend. I didn't do too much but I watched my instagram feed (yes, I caved and joined instagram... find me at myeditblog if you want to see a lot of cat pictures) clog with Halloween costumes all weekend and I felt a little left out. Until I realised that I was wearing the best costume of all. With this hat I'm clearly Dick Cheney's hunting partner on that fateful day in 2006...


*thanks to my little friend Elisha for taking my pics. I liked so many I broke my own rule of having 6 pics absolute maximum...


Jas said...

I like the plaid on plaid!


amanda said...

i like so many of your pics too :) and the mix of plaids is genius.

Katya said...

Definitely not complaining about the extra pics :) Amazing look, as always.

& loving the reference to Dick Cheney!!


elanor, said...

i love those elbow pads... also geez you look great in those jeans! very autumnal outfit.

CessOviedo said...

Plaid on plaid looks great! Love the hat, fur porn? that was so funny!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Urban Nester said...

I love plaid, and I LOVE wide leg pants. I just bought a pair this weekend. Oh yeah... Fur Porn? hilarious.


Bri said...

I think these are some of my favorite of your outfit posts yet, and your sense of humor cracking me up as usual!

Jesse @ Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

I love everything about your outfit! I so want a plaid jacket. I do a "Fashion Friday" on my blog if you're interested. :)

Nadine said...

EPIC. Love it all so much. Mean Myedit Mean!

Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

jealous that you were able to thrift such a nice hunting jacket! it looks great on you :)

online shopping uk said...

Fabulous Work! Imaginative piece of Photography with simplicity and innovation! You Look Awesome in this Spectacular Outfit!

Eleanor said...

Besides your masterful pattern mixing, your long legs make me green with envy. How do we spell J~E~A~L~O~U~S???

Greetings from Texas! said...

Such a preppy hunter! I love it!

Annie said...

That Hat is maybe the cutest thing ever. Besides puppies. Love it!


The Other Side of Gray

briannelee said...

Love the jacket and the plaid combo. I might have to try this myself.

Leah said...

ahha that hat is hilarious! At first I thought it was your hair sticking out the top. That's a sweet hunting outfit.

xo L.

Christine said...

I love the new hat! a giant pom is a very important thing to have!


whatjocraves said...

That pom-pom hat is too cute! Great outfit!


Heather said...

Love the look, and I think I might have to check out this Crazy Lady at the Ex person. Those bracelets are pretty awesome.

Meg said...

I love the hat, and covet your plaid-on-plaid. Great outfit! :)

Linda said...

that hat is soooo great, but that first picture made me think you cut your hair into spikes! scared me a little. but then i came to my senses and realized that it was just the hat and it was fabulous. and that you're wearing double plaid and elbow patches!

Hilary said...

Am I the only laughing at the fact that people thought you said fur porn? Because clearly it says fur pom... :)

Audrey said...

so cute! Love the plaid and all of the fall colors! www.casualglamorous.com

Jodi said...

that hat rocks!!! too canadian my girl :)

Brittany said...

Long time reader first time commenter. I am in LOVE with that jacket and need it! Onward to eBay! Wish me luck!

Erica said...

When I first looked at the top picture, it looked like the pom on your hat was your hair- cut bizarrely short on top, mullet style...

M. said...

oh how I adore your outfit, especially that jacket. i'm pretending you're chasing down fictional foxes and are going to have some port in the middle of a forest (because I'm also watching Downton Abbey as I type this)

Kym ((bitty)) said...

beautiful outfit!

and awesome, awesome, awesome dick cheney reference!!! i love how it's called an "incident." perfect :)


chillairandperfume said...

That blazer is perfect! Love the elbow patches!


Sara said...

Awesome photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I love your jeans, what a great shape and that jacket is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit; your hat also rocks, you are really beautiful! Your blog is awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Devon said...

I am smitten by this jacket. It's so sharp-looking and chic and the pom-pom hat is adorable. A very elegant fall look, if I do say so myself :)

Nikell said...

Found you via Kendi's Blog. I love this outfit. I'm going to follow you via bloglovin.

Emily said...

Well now I'm just feel bad that a Dutch Canadian can make an obscure Dick Cheney joke. I can hardly remember the Canadian President's name! Kidding, about the President part, not about not being able to remember the PM's name.

Nuha said...

I am in love with this outfit!

Rebecca Jane said...

I love your mixing of plaids in this outfit - it looks great!

Anonymous said...

fantastic details!!!

Great colors.


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