OPINION: Coloured Tights

I just want to preface this post by saying that I love tights. Thanks to tights we can wear dresses all winter long and not be subject to wearing pantyhose. You know... pantyhose... those things that run and ruin after one wear and that don't ever match your skin tone nicely so in photos your face is tan and your legs are carrot? So, on the basis of saving woman kind from pantyhose alone, I love me a good pair of tights!

That said... I'm a strong opponent of brightly coloured tights. I appreciate standing out in a crowd, having fun with your fashion and all that good stuff but I don't understand ever subjecting yourself to look bad. Fashion does not have to be understood by everyone (if it was, it wouldn't be so elitist and interesting) but it does have to fit and flatter. You might have the nicest legs in your township and be the Queen of your local fair yet opaque pink tights are still gonna look bad on you. Regardless of your lovely pins or the cute dress you paired with it, brightly coloured tights make your legs look heavy. Why would anyone want their legs to look like freshly squeezed toothpaste?

Do you see the similarities?

VERDICT: Unless you are a child under 8 or posing in a fashion editorial (there really are no rules for editorials) please stay away from brightly coloured tights. This is a public service announcement!


manhandslizzie said...

I, too, love-love-love tights. I came from a tropical country where I would have been deemed insane if I wore tights. One of the perks of now living in the US is having a legitimate excuse to wear them. I agree about bright tights. But how bright is bright for you? I wear red, purple, blue, green, and yellow but all in a darker or gray-er hue. I would never go for primary or secondary colors. :D

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

too funny! i just found this from the newish blog that mentions your purple argyle tights.
i have thicker legs and i'm short, and i STILL love brightly-colored tights. lately i've been starting almost all of my outfits with tights. a lot of black and grey, but a lot of color and pattern, too. love them! and since i am well aware that i'm not a thin girl, it doesn't bother me if my legs look thick. they are.
i do, however, shy away from SHINY tights. bad bad bad.

Anonymous said...

Ill take them off your hands